Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's "local"?

Since moving to Asheville, I have tried to be as much a "localvore" as possible. My husband and I haven't eaten at a national chain restaurant since we moved here. Asheville has great restaurants and there's no need to go anywhere but to a local restaurant. We try and buy our groceries from local farms and vendors. However, the other day we stopped by our local produce stand to get some great fruit. The fruit was marked "local" which we thought may have meant South Carolina. To me, South Carolina is a stretch when defining local  but when we asked we found out the fruit was from Florida! The owner's definition of "local" is the east coast. 
I felt betrayed. 
In the past the produce was marked "Weaverville", "Hendersonville", "South Carolina".  Now "local" means it could be shipped 800 miles! Will I stop shopping there? Well, I will go to the tailgate markets first and when I do go there I will surely ask where the produce is from. But the stand is still locally owned and I feel its better to buy from them than Ingles.
What's your definition of local?