Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is close to my heart.
How many people do you know that are on that "track" and can't stop just for a few minutes to take the time to make informed decisions? Society is fast moving. People don't have time to read the newspaper, read a book, enjoy a home cooked meal, talk with friends. We're too busy putting in extra hours at work to make more money, completing all those home projects, trying to get enough sleep. So that lifestyle makes it real easy to go along with everyone else, believe what we're told instead of thinking for ourselves. Not being aware of what is happening around us, to us and because of us. To make our own decisions requires time to study and look into our own beliefs.
There is a pretty big election coming up. You'll hear colorful sound bites from both parties. Some true, some not so true. But repeated enough and it seems to become truth even if it isn't.   Although I could give you my informed opinion on who I think should be the next president, more importantly, YOU should take the time to understand the issues, how do they align with your beliefs, research the canidates, find objective information. 
Because on the night of November 4th, wouldn't you rather know that the next president was elected because we took the time to objectively look at the facts and based our vote on our own beliefs other than basing our vote on sound bites?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Its That Time Again

So we used to live in Florida. Yes I know, we are "those" people who moved up here to torment you long standing citizens of Asheville. Trust me, we're not all bad. Actually we have several people here in Asheville that really like us. We sure like Asheville. Anyways, I still work for the same company I did when I lived in Florida. A friend of mine at work, who we call the company meteorologist, sends out hurricane updates. She's a hoot. So for the past week I have been getting updates on Gustav and Hanna. Oh the memories...
The year before we moved we were hit with Hurricane Wilma. Category 3 when it hit us. Not fun and quite scary. We didn't have power for 12 days. We actually came up here to Asheville a week into it just to get away and remember how nice it is to turn on a switch and have light. I don't miss hurricane season in Florida. It used to be kinda neat when hurricane season came around and you watched the tracks of hurricanes and hoped that the company would shut down for a day or two just on the threat of one coming close. But then Florida had 5 in one season, and it wasn't neat anymore.
So now I sit up here in these beautiful mountains of North Carolina and read the emails with the latest hurricane and its latest track. "T" (as I will call her) has a way of presenting the information on these storms in an entertaining manner and I really look forward to her updates. (She should blog, she'd be really good at it.) So now instead of wondering when I should start bringing in everything from the outside and pull close those shutters, I send my greetings and actually hope we get a little piece of the storm to relieve us from this drought. Oh the joys of Asheville!