Friday, March 13, 2009

Ripping My Heart Out

I love animals. 

I have a dog and a cat and my brother's cat lives with us too. I keep them safe and healthy and wish I could do that for all. I can't but what I can do is give to organizations that further my cause in a bigger way. My company matches my donations so all the better.

So yesterday I am in the kitchen and I start to open my mail. I have a letter from one of the local organizations that I donate to. They have sent me a picture of this very cute little dog with big, beautiful eyes. As I look at the picture I noticed something written at the bottom that reads something like "The biggest contributor to the death of companion animals is not disease but euthanasia". I then look closer at the picture and see there is someone putting a needle in the little leg of this beautiful pup.  I'm looking at his very last minute of life. I start to cry.

I then get angry. Pretty pissed off. I do not need an organization to rip my heart out and play on my emotions to get me to send them money. I sent them a donation last year simply because I think they do such important work in our community.  I made a decision when I moved to Asheville to contribute all my donations to our local organizations. I like local in pretty much everything I do, buy, eat, drink... Now I see that this organization has subscribe to the same belief that I have seen with alot of the national organizations. If you can shock your donors, prey on their love of animals, they will send you money. I use to get and still do, envelopes with pictures of starving and abused horses, chained dogs, and malnourished kittens. My husband, being the wonderful person he is, intercepts these mailings before I see them and puts them in the recycle bin. At least this local organization was kind enough to enclose the picture INSIDE the envelope. 

So my first reaction is to tell them I don't appreciate their tactics and stop my donations. Why give to an organization that has offended me. There's lots of really worthwhile organizations here in Asheville that I could help. But I really believe in this organization's work. It aligns with my beliefs, and my dollar makes a big difference. Maybe I should just suck it up and send in my donation. I don't know. What would you do? I'd really like to know.

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