Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You Asheville 2008

Well here it is the last day of 2008. This was my first full year of living in Asheville. It was an ubergreat year for me and I would like to say "Thanks!" to everyone and everything here in Asheville that made my year so wonderful.

To John for sharing this great place with me.
To Christine Kane for writing such a beautiful song.
To Asheville for showing me how to be real.
To Terry, Zach, Kelcie, Jake and everyone at the Rootbar for soooo many great memories and taking in 2 escapees from Fla (yikes!).
To all the breweries in Asheville for putting out great beer.
To Pisgah Brewing for your Endless Summer. I LOVE your beer.
To the farmers in our area for providing us with tasty, organic, wholesome food.
To Asheville for voting Obama and helping in turning North Carolina blue!
To all those that spent countless hours standing up against Parkside. You are what makes Asheville so special.
To all the Asheville bloggers for keeping me up on current events and happenings in Asheville.
To Now You See Them for always putting on a great show. I love your energy and your music and Diesel!
To Nikki Talley for playing 3 straight hours at The Beacon Pub.
To bus 29, for all the rides into and back from town.
To the waitresses at Cornerstones (especially Megan) who make our Sunday morning breakfasts so enjoyable.
To East Village Grill for your food and being so great with my Mom.
To Newbridge produce stand. Thank you for your great selection and always friendly welcome.
To Asheville Pizza and Brew for providing such a great place to see a movie.
To The Fine Arts Theatre, ditto.
To the mountains, woods and rivers for providing us with so much beauty.
To the turkeys roaming around who always make me smile.
To the black bear. You were awesome.
To our house (a very, very, very fine house!) for taking in all our friends and family over the year who have come to visit us and play some Rootball.

To Asheville, I love you.

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