Monday, December 15, 2008

A Reformed Miller-Lite Drinker in Asheville

I confess. I grew up drinking Miller-Lite. Its just what my friends and I drank. That is up until a year and a half ago when I moved to Asheville. I am born again. Not in the religious sense although I think beer drinking here in Asheville is rather spiritual and moving. Nope, I have discovered the local Asheville beer scene. Between the local music scene and the local breweries, I think I have died and gone to heaven.
My husband and I are into all things local. We love everything Asheville has to offer. Especially the breweries. Asheville has become one of the premier spots in the south for craft brews. So we started to sample the beers. Being from an American Pilsner background, I have gravitated towards the Goldens/Blondes/Pilsners. First it was French Broad's Goldenrod Pilsner, then Pisgah's Endless Summer, the Asheville Pizza and Brew's Rocket Girl and the Wedge's Pilsner. All great beers but I CRAVE Pisgah's Endless Summer. My drink of choice every Saturday night when we go out.
I was thinking the other day that although I love the local brews, I have pretty much stuck with these beers. What kind of fan of the breweries am I if I don't expand my horizons and try the other styles of beer? So Saturday night I had my first Cold Mountain from Highland Brewing. Pretty good stuff. Not a beer I could drink all night but I found myself ordering another one Sunday evening. My husband has been trying the IPA's and they are very tasty indeed.
I have known people who are wine connoisseurs. I think I would someday like to be an Asheville beer connoisseur. That would be pretty cool. So I am starting my Asheville Beer education. Every week I will try a different brew from one of the local breweries. Anybody have any suggestions of what I should try next?


Anonymous said...

I encourage you also to try the new organic brew coming out from Highland next week. I think it will prove to be another great taste of Asheville!


Asheville JJ said...

I look forward to it!!!